We are a volunteer-run organisation which aims to promote all levels of cycling, from the road to the trails, amongst all ages and abilities in our local community.

Join us for a ride!


Hobart Wheelers Dirt Devils are dedicated to the ongoing development and enjoyment of its riders, whether for fitness, personal goals or competitive reasons. We are affiliated with Cycling Tasmania and the national governing body, Cycling Australia. We have no sign up fees or contracts, we’re simply here to create a community of engaged and enthusiastic riders of all abilities and to provide a space to test your limit within our racing scene.


As a member of HWDD, no-one is required to race, however we like to see all members actively involved in the community whether it be our weekly training rides, social events or local races. We cater to a wide range of cycling abilities and experience and nothing excites us more than seeing than watching a new rider enjoy their bike and develop their skills, fitness and confidence on a bike.


We have a progressive committee that works very hard to create a compelling and modern performance cycling environment.



Hobart Wheelers/Dirt Devils is an affiliate of Cycling Australia (CA) and Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA). (Read More). For all road and track races you are required to have a CA membership, details can be found below. For all MTB races, you are required to have a MTBA licence, details below.

Road and Track

For registration for road and track racing details please go to the Cycling Tasmania webpage – licence costs can be found on the Fees page under the Racing menu. CA licences operate on a calendar basis (ie. from January to December).

For those who are interested in trying racing at events but aren’t sure if they want to get a full licence, day licences are available on the day at events. There are also 3-event licences that allow you to race in 3 events and to offset the cost if you subsequently decide to upgrade to a full

MTBA 12-Month Membership

If you would like to obtain a 12-month MTBA licence and join the Dirt Devils you can do so using the MTBA online join-up portal. The site will show a list of clubs you can choose and we’d love to have you join us at the Hobart Wheelers Dirt Devils.

MTBA Day Membership

If you want to try racing but don’t want to pay for a 12-month licence then MTBA offers day membership to allow you to race on the day for $25. Day licence books will be at events, but if you want to speed up signing-on download the day membership form (see below) and fill it out before the event – you will need to make a copy of your filled out form so we can send it to MTBA.

If you are under 18 you will need your parent/guardian to sign the form as well.

If you plan on regular racing, then we suggest going for the 12-month membership as it will be cheaper in the long run.

MTBA Day licenses are available on the MTBA membership portal.

CA/BMXA Upgrade

If you hold a current CA or BMXA licence you can top up to an MTBA licence. You must have at least 3 months remaining on your CA/BMXA licence, and we will require a copy (photocopy is preferable) of your licence for verification. Contact the secretary for details on how to go about this.


Our website & social media presence has certain guidelines for all users to follow. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in possible banishment from further online community participation with the club. (Read More).