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Adventure Riding in Tasmania

Jason Unwin says:

Adventure Rides – A few of us are considering bringing back the Adventure rides we ran about 4 years ago – similar format (one a month, Meet-Ride-Eat/drink and catch up, new location each month, accommodate for most levels, ride for around 30 to 60 kms {2.5 to 4 hours}).

We would look to keep the cost to around $20 which would include food and drink. At this stage we are after interest from the riding community … let us know here or PM us … also looking for any motivated peeps who would like to get involved …

Some locations we have done previously :-

– Tangara
– Saltwater River
– Hellfire
– Meehan Range
– Mt Welly
– Tahune
– Lachlan
– Kaoota Tramway/ Kingborough
– Launceston Trails
– Adams field

New places to maybe include:-
– Hollybank
– Derby
– Penguin/Dial Ranges
– West coast
– Mt Field
– Ben Lomond
– Greater Hobart
– Other suggestions??

We are keen to hear your thoughts… cheers

If you’re interested, get in touch via the Hobart MTB Rides Facebook Group.

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