Starting 1 November – AusCycling commences as the National Sporting Organisation for Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Track Cycling and BMX.

This will remove the need the Club to affiliate with two different governing bodies and can allow members to ride MTB, road, track and BMX under the one annual membership depending on the options they choose.

There will be four (4) license tiers:

Lifestyle Basic


Race Off Road (will cover MTB, CX & BMX)

Race All Discipline (all Off Road + Road and Track)

There will also be a non-rider option for officials and administrators.

We think a common question people will have is “what will happen when I need to renew my license?” You will receive an email prior to the expiry of your current license with details to follow to renew.

Follow this link to AusCycling for more information and details on the changes and links to their social media for updates.

Update – 16 November 2020:

MTBA Event Entries – AusCyling transitional issues

Club events still use the MTBA event booking system (MOS) whilst transitioning under the new AusCyling structure.

AusCycling have advised that at present there is an issue with the current MTBA event system being unable to verify the new AusCycling TidyHQ memberships.

When you renew or take out a new membership with AusCyling then enter for an MTBA event the system will advise you that a day licence will be charged.


Members who are experiencing this issue, which also applies to current BMX & CA members, need to email their membership details to

Auscyling will then set up accounts in MOS which you can use to register for events.


  • Currently all event entries are online only.
  • Due to this issue it is recommended that you renew or take out your membership in advance of entering an event to avoid missing the event entry closure period.

Road or Track Event Entries for MTBA License Holders – AusCyling transitional issues

If you have a MTBA membership only and not a CA membership as well you will need to apply for a top up of your license so that it will be considered a “Race ‘All-Discipline'” license.

Email – to arrange this.

Regional Masters – CA License Holders.

If you hold one of these license types you will not be eligible to race MTB events. You will need to contact:

Email – to arrange a top up to race MTB events.