This page provides an overview of the initiatives the club is undertaking.

Dirt Devils is supportive of stakeholder initiatives and as a club we advocate for improvements and development that provide not only our members but also the broader community an increase and improved cycling experiences in and around Hobart.

Under the clubs 2018 to 2021 Strategic Operational Plan the club seeks to ensure there are good places to ride so that we can meet other key objectives. Holding races and providing adequate social riding opportunities that facilitate the ability to improve riders skills.

Information on how to be involved is available from our advertised events or from the project contact directly.

Strategic Initiatives

Hobart – Kunanyi/Mt Wellington Lower Foothills

The City of Hobart is working on a new mountain bike project to expand the range of riding experiences in the foothills of kunanyi / Mt Wellington.

More information is available by clicking on the following link “Missing Link”

In June 2019 the club organised through Mountain Biking Australia a 2 day trail workshop to assist a range of stakeholders in understanding the requirements of sustainable trail development. Participants included, Hobart City Council, Meehan Trail groomers, Glenorchy City Council, Kingston City Council. Dirt Devils members and Hobart Trail Alliance volunteers.

In September 2019 as part of the consultation process the club canvassed a survey to members and submitted the results for consideration by the Hobart City Council:

Kunanyi_Mount Wellington_Lower Foothills_Trail Dirt Devils Submission

The Lower Foothills Project is planned to go before the Hobart City Council in March 2020.

Update – April 2020:

In March the club presented a member petition in support of the Hobart City Council adopting the Lower Foothills Network Plan as a formal Plan.

In response the Council advised that a further report will be prepared as part of the community process and the club will be advised of the outcome in due course.

Hobart Council Response_Petitioner letter – Draft Mountain Bike Network Plan – 30.03.2020

Draft Plan Released

The Hobart City Council has released its long awaited Draft Mountain Bike Plan for the Lower Foothills. The plan is available for comment via the Your Say Hobart web page, here. The        engagement period is open until May 24th

Update – October 2020:

Trail grant letter of support along with the club petition was sent to the Hobart Council for consideration for funding. In addition the letter expressed support from its members for the draft plan to be adopted as a formal plan by the council.

Hobart City Council adopted the plan as a formal plan on 26 October.

Clarence – Meehan Range

Toward the end of 2018 we in discussion with the Meehan Trail Groomers, we worked with Summit Trails in the submission to the Clarence City Council to renovate and improve the ageing Dirt Jumps within the Meehan Range. Consideration has been given to the proposal by the council toward the strategic plan for the Meehan Range.

Meehan Range Dirt Jump Proposal

Glenorchy – Glenorchy MTB Park (Tolosa)

In 2017 the club proposed a redevelopment of the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park. The club secured through the state Government a grant to progress the concept which has resulted in the current development of the “Draft Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park Materplan” by the the Glenorchy city council. This will see the long term development of the park including improvements, maintenance and trail signage.

GMBP Development Proposal

The Master plan is scheduled to go before council in March 2020.

Update – July 2020:

The Draft Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park Masterplan has been approved by the Glenorchy City Council to go to the Public Consultation Stage on 27 July 2020.

The Glenorchy City Council has released their Mountain Bike Master Plan.

The Hobart Dirt Devils has been actively involved in running events at the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park for many years and see this as an opportunity to revitalise and improve the Bike Park. This plan will go a long way to increasing the rider experiences in the greater Hobart area for a range of user groups.

The plan is available for comment via the Council’s engagement tool at https://gcc.mysocialpinpoint.com.au/gmbp/.

The public consultation period is from 27 July to 14 August 2020.

The Club provided a detailed submission. Submission_Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park Masterplan

Update – October 2020:

On 23 October the club presented a letter of support and a petition by its members to adopt the draft plan as a formal plan.

Glenorchy City Council adopted the plan as a formal plan on 26 October.

Taroona – Dirt Jumps & Pump Track

In the later part of 2019 the club assisted in supporting a proposed redevelopment application of an area of old dirt jumps with the addition of a pump track in the Toroona High area.

Kingston – Lea Scout Centre

Tracks in this area are private and the club has held an access arrangement with Scouts Tasmania for many years. A cross country track and Downhill track have seen works undertaken in past years and annual events are held at this site.

Future works require landowner agreement to improve the trails through maintenance with the possibility to expand the trail offering to include gravity endurance events.

Derwent Valley

Land access yet to be progressed.