Our website and social media presence has been established for the benefit of club members and the general biking community. As such, this site has certain guidelines for all users to follow. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in possible banishment from further community participation on this website.

Keep the discussions clean. Colourful language will not be tolerated at all.

Flaming/Insults is frowned upon. There is a rather loose scope when it comes to arguments on the website / Facebook. As long as the arguments stay contained and non provoking things should be ok. Blatant insults and all out war is unacceptable and will result in possible banishment.

All sections of this site and our Facebook page are moderated. Moderators reserve the right to edit obscene or inappropriate material from the website.

Photo Gallery
Any pornographic and/or questionable pictures will result in their removal and possible banishment of the person who posted the pictures. Pictures of rider injuries, while not a serious offence, are not allowed either.