Track cycling is held on tracks called velodromes which can be indoor or outdoor and are usually 250-500 metres in circumference.

Events vary from sprint races to endurance events such as points races, scratch races and madison.  Track bikes are fixed gear bikes without brakes some with disc wheels.

We race and train at the New Town Oval Track which is 440 m in length recently upgraded and was the venue for some of the National Championships in the 70s

Track training is held from 18 October 2017 through to 17th January 2018 on Wednesday nights.

Due to renovations at the TCA Ground Hobart City Council has advised that some games may need to be rescheduled to New Town.  If this occurs and we lose bookings we will advertise this on the Club Facebook Group.




What to expect

Many of our riders use this training to prepare for the Christmas Carnival Series however new riders to track are very welcome with more experienced riders providing guidance on getting used to track.

With a wide range of events track racing can suit sprinters and endurance riders alike.

The Junior Program will be from 4:30pm – 6:00 pm

Run by Cycling Australia Accredited Coach Michael Long these sessions will cover:

·         Bike fit and set up.

·         Warm up laps , including rollers.

·         Manoeuvring – looking over the shoulder, anticipating an attack, laying off the wheel.

·         Sprint races, with timed 200mtr splits.

·         Track stands – where & when to perform it.

·         Wheel touching (on grass) develops confidence & ability to ride close.

·         Madison intro, develop technique.

·         Leading out – when to move, forcing a lead out.

·         Pursuits – individual, team & Italian.

·         Mechanical , changing chain ring, sprocket, etc.

Club training (for seniors and juniors) will commence from 6 pm to approx 7:30

All riders get a minimum of three races including a scratch and a mix of handicap, points, elimination, pursuit or sprints.  Separate grades will be run for women and juniors when numbers permit.

We cannot ride in the the rain. A post will be made on our Facebook page if training will be cancelled due to bad weather.


Junior gear restrictions

Gear restrictions apply to all junior cyclists in events conducted under Cycling Australia regulations on the road and track.

The restrictions referred to is the distance one revolution of the crank arm will propel the bicycle, this is known as the ‘roll out’.

More info here on junior gearing and roll out here:



Juniors Sessions 4:30 – 6pm

Warm up for Seniors and Juniors from 6 pm

Racing will commence at 6:15 pm through til 7:30 pm.


$5 per rider

$10 for bike hire

The fee for riders doing the juniors session will cover club training too.


Contact our Club Pres –

Track Bike hire

The Club has a small number of bikes available to hire to try track cycling.

These range from 48cm up to 58cm

Please let us know in advance if you want to hire a bike and bring pedals and shoes.

Getting There

Parking available at the venue.  For rider safety please park back from the track fence.


Racing for training, so no formal results will be posted.