All climbing or all Downhill? Why not both? XC mountain biking will have you covered.

This series is XCO style which means competitors complete a certain number of laps around a defined loop course.

Open / Elite riders will complete the most laps with less laps required for other grades. For more technical courses, the junior and sports riders will have a shortened / easier lap.

Series Rules

XCO Style race – complete a given number of laps.

Compete in at least 3 races to be eligible for series prizes. Your best five race results count toward series points.

Series points will be allocated as follows (1-90, 2-70, 3-60, 4-50, 5-40, 6-35, 7-30, 8-25, 9-21, 10-17, 11-14, 12-11, 11-9, 12-6, 13th and onwards including failing to finish scores 5 points).

According to MTBA, for XCO style races we aim for the following total race times. Number of laps for this course are given in brackets:

  • Elite / open riders to race for around 70-90 minutes (6 laps)
  • Masters 1/2, U19, and Expert 55-75mins (5 laps)
  • Masters 3/4, U17 and Single Speed 40-60mins (4 laps)
  • Masters 5+, U15 and Sport  (3 laps)
  • U13 15-25mins (2 laps)

Note that these lap numbers may change due to changes in the course.


Series categories consist of:

Open Men/Women (18+)
Masters 1/2 Men/Women (age 30-39)
Masters 3/4 Men/Women (40-49)
Masters 5+ Men/Women (50+)
Sport Men/Women
Expert Men/Women
Single Speed Men/Women
U13, U15, U17, U19 Men/Women

A note on sport: This group is for riders who are pretty new to the sport and want to give racing a go, but don’t feel fit enough to be on the trail for over an hour.
A note on expert: This is a group for riders who are 19-29 years old, but don’t feel fit or fast enough to race in Open / Elite. It will generally be around the same duration as Masters 1/2.

IMPORTANT: since the series continues until 2021, age is calculated based on your age at the end of 2021 as per MTBA guidelines.

Prior to the main race there is a junior ride for children who are not wanting to race but enjoy riding off road in a group. This is non-competitive with an emphasis on fun and group participation. It runs for approximately 15-20 minutes.

IMPORTANT: you must register online for the junior ride and riders do need insurance through AusCycling. We can not accept on the day entries. Click on Book Now up above and choose the non-competitive category when registering.

Membership Issues

MTBA Event EntriesAusCyling transitional issues

Club events still use the MTBA event booking system (MOS) whilst transitioning under the new AusCyling structure.

AusCycling have advised that at present there is an issue with the current MTBA event system being unable to verify the new AusCycling TidyHQ memberships. When you renew or take out a new membership with AusCyling then enter for an MTBA event the system will advise you that a day licence will be charged.


Members who are experiencing this issue, which also applies to current BMX & CA members, need to email their membership details to Auscyling will then set up accounts in MOS which you can use to register for events.


  • Currently all event entries are online only.
  • Due to this issue it is recommended that you renew or take out your membership in advance of entering an event to avoid missing the event entry closure period.
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Any questions about this event, please contact:
Chris Jenkins


9:30 Rego opens
10:00 Kids Ride – 20min
10:30 Race
12:15 Race Over


$10 adults
$5 for under 19

Racing licence required (AusCycling or Valid MTBA)
Day Race Licence $30
Annual Licences available here:

Getting There

After entering the gate at St Virgil’s College, take the road up to the left and then the first right up the hill. Turn right again at the top to get to the car park.


Once again we were treated to some great weather. Conditions were dry but thankfully the trails held well and made for some great riding. It was awesome to hear so many riders comment on how much they enjoyed the course – it really is a classic XC style track. Huge thanks again to Steve Aitken and his helpers at  SVC for doing a heap of work over the last few weeks to get things in good shape.

Joe Quarmby took out the fastest lap with Reuben Page-Brown only a few seconds behind him. This kid is fast! Noah Swan took the award for most chain drops in one lap before he finally called it quits. Any bike shops want to give him a call – I think his bike needs a service. Special congrats to myself for lining up on the start line with no helmet on. Feeling a bit daft about that. Well done to Edwina Hughes and Sam Jesney for slugging out the six laps. No open male riders today – all napping after Nationals?

Big thanks as always to all the volunteers – Chris, Elton, Aidan, Peter, Darryl, Edwina, Nic, Alexander, Steve and anyone I missed. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Overall results: Rd5 – Results

Lap Times: Rd5 – Laps

Looking at the Total Results we see Edwina catching up on Sam in Open women, while Joe and Nic catch up on Mark Leis in Master 3/4 Men. Aidan has moved into second place behind Jack in U15 Men. Michael has a solid lead in Masters 5+, with Colin and Darryl vying for second. We have the final race for the series coming up on Saturday April 10th at Clarence MTB Park. Let’s get a heap of riders to this one and as usual, please let me know if you can help out in anyway (First Aid, COVID, setup, pulldown, track marker collection, etc.).