Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Hobart Wheelers/Dirt Devils Inc will be held at:

6:30 pm Wednesday 18th November 2020

Place: Domain Athletics Centre, Upper Domain Road, Queens Domain TAS 7000




Elections will be held for all club positions

All members are encouraged to attend the AGM and to consider nominating for a position within the Club.

Several of the current executive committee office holders have indicated that they may not stand for re-election at the upcoming AGM.

These are long standing President Adam Christopher and Treasurer Sarah Christopher who are planning to retire from these positions, and Mark Grzinic in the position of Vice President (MTB).

All committee positions at the AGM are declared vacant and nominations are called for to fill the positions for the next year.

Nominations are particularly urgent this year, with the pending vacancies. The Positions are listed and explained briefly below.


Executive Committee 

Vice-President x 2

One Vice-President will be nominated as Senior Vice President. In the past we have had one Vice President focused on mountain biking and one focused on road and track, but this is not a requirement and can be flexible.

Other Positions 

Downhill Coordinator

Cross-Country Coordinator

Cyclo-Cross Coordinator

Gravity Enduro Coordinator

Adventure Ride Coordinator

Trail Advocacy

Road Coordinator

Track Coordinator

Website Coordinator

Women’s Development Officer

Junior Development Officer

Communications Manager

COVID19 Safety Coordinator.

Note that one person can fill more than one position. For instance, the COVID Officer position is currently filled by one of the Executive Committee. Please also note that due to government requirements, all position holders are required to have or be prepared to obtain a Working with Vulnerable People Card.

Nominations Process:


How to make a nomination

  • Nominations are to be made in writing and signed by 2 club members and must include written consent from the candidate being nominated.
  • Send nominations to the public officer – Mark Johnston at using the Officer holder nomination form. These are to be received by 6:30pm Sunday 8 November. 
  • If one person has nominated a position there will be deemed to be elected.  If there are two or more nominees for a position then there will be a vote for that position held at the AGM.
  • If there are no nominations received for a position, nominations will be called for at the AGM.  Again if there is one nomination that person will be elected to the position.  If there are two or more nominees at the AGM there will be a vote. Self-nominations are fine at the AGM in that situation.

If you are keen for a position please nominate before the cut-off above and don’t wait until the AGM. 

If you have any questions please contact Adam Christopher – President or the Public Officer Mark Johnston at

Alternatively, all members of the Executive Committee are available for discussions on possible nominations.

HWDD Position Nomination

Position Descriptions

Note that these descriptions are a guide only. There is some flexibility under the constitution that allows club officers to work together to deliver club tasks as needed.


  • Oversees the management of the club
  • Chairs Executive Committee meetings
  • Oversees development of annual racing program.
  • Liaises with AusCycling on club’s behalf.
  • Can issue cheques/Complete Payments
  • Works with the treasurer for sports grant applications


  • Holds the Position of Public Officer and completes those obligations as per the constitution.
  • Assists the President with the management of the club
  • Develops agenda for monthly meetings
  • Receives mail from GPO
  • Liaises with Cycling Tasmania/MTBA/AusCycling on club business
  • Takes minutes of monthly meetings and distributes to committee and club members.



  • Balances income and expenditure
  • Complete reconciliations following events
  • Holds cheque book and can issue cheques/Complete Payments
  • Complete the year-end financial statements in preparation for Audit.
  • Works with the president on sports grant applications
  • Develops sponsorship policies



  • One vice president to be nominated as Senior Vice President and takes on President’s role when they are unavailable.
  • One to hold the position of Mountain Biking and one for Road/Track
  • Develops racing program with the President
  • Liases with Cycling Tasmania/MTBA/AusCycling on club business (depending on position)
  • Chairs and organises the road/track or MTB committee
  • Works with and assists discipline co-ordinators
  • Can issue cheques, act on the clubs bank account.


Trails Advocate

  • Works with the president and vice president (MTB) in developing framework for the Club’s involvement with local trail builders, local government and the broader MTB community.
  • Once the framework has been developed oversees the implementation and where necessary co-ordinates build days.
  • Provides information for the club website in relation to trail works.
  • Represents the Club at trail forums as required.


Discipline Co-ordinators

  • Work with relevant Vice President to put on events in line with club program
  • Ensures that races are held in a safe manner and in line with AusCycling/Cycling Australia/MTBA Technical Regulations.
  • Complete event management plans for events.
  • Provide details of the event for promotion on website, facebook and/or flyers.
  • Provide results for publication on the website/facebook publication.
  • Complete brief report for treasurer and committee post race

Amendments to the Constitution

The current constitution which was adopted in 2018 needs to be updated to reflect the change the references to Mountain Bike Australia and Cycling Australia to AusCycling.

There are no other proposed changes to the constitution.

HWDD Constitution 2020 Modification to Model Rules

Link to model rules:

Model rules for an association

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