The funnest road cycling event on the calendar! Nothing like mixing road riding with a bit of dirt!

Bothwell – Denistoun Rd –
Nant Ln – Highland Lakes

Round  4

22nd September 2018

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Race Details:

Bothwell 2018 information

Race Duration:

U15: 2 laps (24km) starting 12.00pm

Seniors: 4 laps (48km) graded scratch A-E grade (U17s race in appropriate senior grades)

All seniors start at 12pm (staggered started).

Kermesse style race on a 12km course which contains 2km of well formed dirt road.

Overall Senior winner:

Although riders will race with in grades, the overall winner will be the rider from any grade who (assuming minimum of 3 riders in a grade) who accumulates the most points.

If two riders have the same number of points, the winner will be the rider in the higher grade and then by count back.

Riders will win points from sprints at the completion of each lap (1st = 4 points, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point) with extra points for the finish (1st = 6 points, 2nd = 4 points, 3rd = 3 points, 4th = 2 points, 5th = 1 point).

Under 15s winner:

Will be the first over the line at the finish.

Prize Money:

Will be paid to the winner, second and third of each senior grade as follows:

1st: $50

2nd: $40

3rd: $20

Highest placed female rider $50

More information on this at the event.

This event is great family day with a number of cafés, a hotel and a restaurant-cellar-door on the course providing places for partners and families to watch the race in comfort.

For younger children there is a playground in the Town square.

We are looking for assitance in running this event please contact Adam at if you can help.

A Cycling Australia Race Licence is required to enter this event.



$20 seniors

$10 juniors (all riders under 18 years)


Rego from 11am

Racing from 12 noon

Getting There

Head up the midlands hwy (or down from Launceston), turn off to Bothwell.


Published here soon after the race