When: Sunday 6th September from 10am.

What: Individual Time Trial

20klms Senior / Master

15klms U17

10klms U15

Race Details:

Race against the clock.

There will be categories for riders on:

  • TT bikes ( UCI compliant or Triathlon , disc wheels and aero helmets allowed , includes  standard road bikes with clip- ons )
  • Road bikes ( no clip on aero bars , no disc wheels , no aero helmets )

Racing will be for Seniors, Masters and Juniors (under 15s age group and up).

Starting at the Broadmarsh Hall riders will head toward Brighton on Elderslie Road before making a u-turn and returning to the finish.

This course has been used for the Tasmanian State Time Trial Championship in previous years.

Strava Course Map and Profile

How to enter


Entry was online only and closed at 1159 pm Thursday 4 September 2020.

No further entries will be excepted.



What time am I racing?

 Seniors will be starting from 10:14am and juniors from 10am so your time will be allocated to after that.

Details below

What time should I arrive before my race?

Allowing at least an hour prior to the race is best practice.

However given current restrictions we request that you arrive no earlier than an hour before your start time.

There will be lots of people that can point you it he right direction though. This will allow time to part, have your bike checked, register and pin on your number, as well as a warmup.

Are there public toilets and change rooms?

There are toilets in Broadmarsh Hall but we request that you arrive rady to race.

That building will not be available for changing or any other purpose.

How is my start position determined?

Start times have been allocated see info on this page.

Can I ride the course before my race?

If no racing has started, then yes you may ride the course. But once racing has started (10am) we would prefer no racers entering the course as this can pose a hazard.

Can a car follow me on the course while I race?

It is requested that don’t as this adds to traffic on the road.

Parents of Junior riders are permitted to follow.

Where can I go to warm up?

You can warm up on the road on n your trainer if you bring on. If using the road we would recommend that you head away from the race start (away from Brighton)

Can I wear a singlet top?

No due to Cycling Australia Regulations, you will not be permitted to start in a singlet style jersey.

Can I draft?

No, as part of Time Trial regulations you are not allowed to draft off another rider and may be disqualified in doing do.

How do I legally pass another ride during a race?

If you are approaching another rider and intend to pass them, you can do so by coming out of their slip stream at least 2m prior and passing them on the right-hand side. You should not cross the white line to do so. After this the rider you have passed is obligated to drop out of your slip stream. Failure to comply may result in disqualification

What are the time gaps?

The time gaps between each rider are 30 secs apart.

Is it a closed road?

No, this road will still be an open road, but signage to indicate a race in progress.

Do road rules apply?

Yes, all normal road rules apply, such as not crossing the middle line apply. The exception to this is at the main turn point where all instructions from the turn point Marshall must be adhered to. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

When will I know to turn?

A turn Marshall will be present at the turn point, with both a witch’s hat and flag to look out for. It would be advised that you are also aware of the distance.

Can I listen to music?

No. In line with race guidelines no music, headphones or earpieces may be worn

What if I have a mechanical?

Unfortunately, mechanicals happen. You will have to pull off to the side of the road and either another competitor can advise when they return to the start or a race vehicle will be patrolling the course and locate you.

What if I miss my start time?

All competitors are responsible for being aware of their start time and being present for this.

Therefore, if you miss your start time this is added to your race time and you will need slot in somewhere between other competitors.

How is the race timed?

Racing uses a timing system, your start time is your allocated start time and then you will be recorded at the finish line.

If race organisers delay the start the publicised gaps from the start time are used

How do I get my bike checked?

At registration, a bike check station will be in place. If you have entered the UCI compliant guidelines you must adhere to the requirements such as handle position, seat height and frame requirements.

If you have entered the road bike only category, no disc wheels or clip on bars can be used. Standard road race wheels are permitted

What type of bikes are acceptable?

Road bikes, UCI compliant TT bikes and non-UCI TT bikes (triathlon)

What type of helmet can I use?

A compliant Australian standard helmet must be worn. Helmet stickers will be checked at registration along with your bike.

Are clip on bars acceptable?

Yes, but this will mean you are in the Time trial bike category and not the road bike category

Will there be food and coffee?

There will be a coffee van present on the day


Start Lists

You are responsible for being in the starting area ready to go at the alloted start time.

We will have a marshalling area set up clearly for this and distance markers.

Here is a link to Webscorer which will be used for event time.  

Webscorer Start List

This shows the timing gaps from Zero.

There is a deliberate delay of 1 minute so a count-down is provided for our first Rider Rachel.

Time of Day – Clock Order

200906 Broadmarsh ITT – CLOCK Start Order FINAL

Alpabetical (Surname) Order

200906 Broadmarsh ITT – Alphabetical Order FINAL


$10 Cycling Australia Licence Holders

$20 Non-licence holders (see comment below)


Race start times:

10:00 am for Juniors

10:15 am for Seniors.


Riders must have a current Cycling Australia License or purchase a day permit through the rego system.

Information is available here:


Getting There

Access Elderslie Road (C185) from Brighton Road (c195) the Broadmarsh Mall is on the Righthand side of the road when heading west.


Here are the overall results:

Broadmarsh TT Overall Results – Time

Broadmarsh TT Junior Results

200906 Broadmarsh Individual Time Trial – Road Bike Categories

200906 Broadmarsh Individual Time Trial – TT Bike Categories

Corrected results below overall and road bike.  A big thank you to Stewart Sayer for calling out an error with his result which has pushed him down the list for overall and road categories.

200906 Broadmarsh Individual Time Trial – Road Bike Categories – updated

Broadmarsh TT Overall Results – Time – updated