Cyclocross (sometimes known as CX) is a mix between road roading and cross country mountain biking. Races generally happen in the Winter and Autumn over short courses with racers avoiding obstacles (which may require dismounting), riding on grass, gravel, step hills and more. It’s a muddy, fun experience for all ages of riders.

Race Overview

Cyclocross (CX) Racing involve multiple laps of a short, non technical, mixed terrain circuit. Racing will be the “mini – enduro” format with who ever completes the most laps in 45 minutes being declared the winner. Where CX differs from traditional Cross Country Racing is the addition of barriers, run ups and other sections of track where participants need to dismount and run with their bikes. There will be barriers at St Virgils and a run up as well.


All types of bike (and rider) are welcome to get involved, and get rad! (as long as they have 2 working brakes, and bar plugs in the handlebars)

How to Enter

Entries will move to online only this season.

A link to the entry portal will be available here soon.

Follow the ‘book now’ link when available on this page.

Entries will close at 5pm 12 September 2020

No entries will be accepted on the day.

Book Now


Sun 13th September 2020


10:30am – younger kids 4 – 9

11:00am – older juniors and seniors

Racing will be 45 min plus one lap



Riders in the main race will need a current MTBA or Cycling Australia Licence.

A day Race Event Permit is be available if you do not have a licence to purchase through MTBA (info here) and must be purchased here.

You can also take out an 8 week trial membership with MTBA which is free of charge details here.

You can also have the option of a ‘starter pack’ licence with Cycling Australia for those that haven’t had a membership before follow this link, which has information on all Cycling Australia membership packages.

Entry fees:

$5 for under 18s

$10 for 18 years and over

Day Permit race at extra cost

Getting There


200913 CX @ SVC Round 2 Results

2020913 CX Round 2 SVC Laps

200913 CX @ SVC Round 2 Results Overall

A great day of racing which was made possible with the help of the following people:

  • Sarah Christopher
  • Anthony Petty
  • Alicja Mosbauer
  • Mark Johnston
  • Adam Christopher
  • Steve Aitken

Big thanks to St Virgil’s College.