The EEWS is here, Evening World Enduro Series

Round 1 Clarence MTB Park, Clarence DH track top to bottom. Starting from DH track that runs off of the top of Corkscrew (afew hundred meters down corkscrew), finishing at Meehan Monster Bridge. This is a Black Diamond track, please view & practice track.

This is how its guna go down….

1 stage! 1 chance! 1 hell of a good time. Will you be a 1 stage wonder or take out the entire series?

1 timed stage per round (4 rounds), 1 run top to bottom, don’t crack under pressure.

Stage open from 6-8pm. You have this 2 hour window to make YOU OWN WAY to the start, Race down the stage when ever you are ready. Course will be let known so please check it out & how you will get up there & how long ect as we will not mark the up track.

Race numbers will need to be collected at the bottom of the stage from 5-7.30pm

Online entries only! $15, If you enter & cannot make it we will pass entry on to next race (traffic, working late, saving your homework from the dog ect)

St Johns Ambulance will be around or equivalent. Food may differ from event to event at extra charge, see our Facebook page before event.

Full Face Helmet. All riders are required to wear a helmet meeting AS2063 or equivalent at all times whiles they
are on a bike.

In Under 13, 15 and Under 17 competition, the following equipment is mandatory at all times while
riding special stages:
a. Full-finger gloves must be worn
b. Elbow pads must be worn
c. Knee pads must be worn.
Neck braces are highly recommended.

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Getting There