When: Sunday 8th November 2020

Where: Cygnet

What: Handicap road race and Fondo

We’re excited to bring you both the classic ‘Hell of the South’ race as well as a participation style event formally known as ‘Tour de Cygnet’. Whether you’re a hardcore racer or just want to ride in the beautiful countryside with your family, this event is for you!

Course Details:

Hell of the South and Tour de Cygnet boast one of the most scenic events on our cycling calendar. This year we’re excited to bring you an event which caters for both the hardy racer and for those that simply want to enjoy a leisurely ride around some of the most beautiful parts of our state.

The course begins at Burton Reserve in Cygnet, participants then travel around Verona Sands, into Kettering and Oyster Cove before making a left hand turn up Nichols Rivulet. The course then finishes at the end of Nichols Rivulet where participants can return to Cygnet as normal road users for presentations post event.

Distance: 63 km

Elevation: 1,000m

Strava Course Map and Profile


Hell of the South Details:

Race Format: Handicap

Time: 12pm

This race is an open race featured on the Cycling Tasmania Road Racing Calendar.

Minimum of 20 pre-registered riders for this race to proceed. 


What time do I start?

10am Fondo start, 12pm for the elite race

What if I miss the start?

Unfortunately there is no second start time. So make sure you are ready to do!

If I hold a race CA membership do I have to race the elite race or the fondo?

You can do either! If you hold a membership you will be able to enter the fondo at a discounted price!

Do I need a CA membership?

If you are competing in the fondo, no, this is built into the entry for you. If you are competing in the elite race, yes you must hold a current membership, or buy a one day license.

Where is sign on?

Sign on will be at Burton Reserve

Do I need a taillight?

Yes, you will need a functional read bike light

What type of bike can I use?

A road worth road bike. No mountain bikes, or time trial bikes

Are there toilets?

Yes, these are located at sign on.

Do I need a race number?

Yes, this will be provided at sign on

What is the course?

Please see this information here

Is it a closed road?

No, this is known as a partial road closure. There will be lead and tail cars following the event, but local traffic can still come past where it is safe to do so. This does mean all road rules apply, such as staying left

What is a Fondo?

A fondo is a fun, less serious event that is often run in conjunction with a race. Some members may like to push themselves for a strong time, while it is otherwise totally acceptable to enjoy the ride at your own pace

Is there a time cut off?

What happens if the tail car passes me?

Is there a fondo winner?

Yes, an overall fondo winner is still awarded

Is the fondo handicapped?

No, a fondo is a mass start of all eligible ages an genders

What happens if there is a crash?

St Johns ambulance will be on hand to provide first aid for the fondo in a following vehicle, while a first aid officer will also follow the elite race

Is there road control for the fondo?

Yes, there will be lead and follow car, as well as marshals and a police presence

Can juniors race the fondo?

The cut off age for the fondo is XYZ

Is there a presentation?

Yes, there will be a presentation held after the event at 2pm at Burton Reserve.


Naming Rights:

Prize Sponsor: 

Accommodation Sponsor:

We are so excited to have The Old Woolstore on board to support our Southern Racing weekend.


Book Now


Online (via EntryBoss) 


$35 – Fondo entry – discounted to $25 if you have a Cycling Australia Membership
$25 race entry (with CA licence) –  You will be able to buy a day license if you are not a current member
We will also be offering a discounted price of $40 (usually $45) if you enter both the State Crit champs and Hell of the South in one entry.


10am Fondo start time
12pm elite handicap race start
12:30pm – Junior u15/u17 race start
All participants will be required to finish prior to 1:30pm
2pm: Presentations


Riders must either have a current Cycling Australia License or buy a day licence.

Fondo riders do not need to have a Cycling Australia membership, however will receive a discount if you do have a CA Membership.

Information is available here:


Getting There

From Hobart, Take the A6 (Southern outlet) towards Kingston. Follow the A6 towards the signage for Cygnet. Follow the A6 all the way through Huonville, but turn left onto the B68 which will take you to Cygnet.

Drive through the town and meet at Burton’s reserve. There is parking and toilets available.


Results will be available here as soon as possible after the race