When: Sunday 20th December 2020

Where: Longley International Hotel

What: Race against the clock.

All bikes are welcome!

TT, road, MTBs, eBikes; you name it!

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Course Details:

2020 has been a bit of a year. As with everyone, Covid changed the way we had to do things. We have been very pleased with the level of participation we have received post-covid, as such we want to celebrate with a casual (or not so casual) race up to Neika.

Racing will be for Seniors, Masters and Juniors (under 15s age group and up).

Starting at the Longley Hotel and finishing at Nieka – top of the climb

This course has been used previously – in the snow !

Distance: 6km

Elevation: 300m

Strava course

We encourage riders to ride out with a group and make a day of it!



What is the Neika Challenge? A short time trial style event that starts at the Longley pub, and finishes at the top of Neika. This is our final road event for the year so it’s a fun opportunity for all to be involved in.

Is there a strava segment for this? Yes; https://www.strava.com/segments/26356990?filter=overall

What time will it start? The first rider will be off at 10a, and riders will start at 20-30sec intervals (numbers dependent) after that.

How do I know my start time? This will be posted on entry boss and via our Facebook page no later than 7pm the Friday prior to the event

How do I register? Entry will be via entry boss.

What is the cost? The cost is $10

What times are excepted finish times? Between 12-30 minutes depending on rider ability and bike type.

Is there a cut off time? Absolutely not! This is a fun inclusive ride for everyone to enjoy

Do I have to ‘race’ it? You can ride up this segment at any pace you like, whether that’s challenging a PB or riding up with a friend.

Do I need a membership? Yes, you will require a membership with AusCycling. If you have not held one before, you may be eligible for a 4 week trial: https://www.auscycling.org.au/membership/other/free-trial

Who can be involved? Anyone with a valid membership or trial membership

What type of bike do I ride? We are allowing this to be open to all bike types; fixies, single speed, road, time trial, mountain bike and e-bikes. All bikes must have 2 working brakes. Please indicate on your entry in the comments if on an e-bike

Are there different distances for different categories? No. All juniors, seniors, masters, males and females will ride the exact same course.

How do we start? Starting will be individually, unclipped and at 20 second intervals. There will be a marshal calling out your name, and when to go.

What happens if I miss my start? Late starts will count towards your total time.

Is it a closed road? No, this is an open public road so no rider is permitted to pass the center white line

How do I pass a rider? Pass riders on the right-hand side, within the left-hand lane only. If required, call out that you are passing. Once passed, move back to the left-hand side to allow anyone to pass you if required. Do not block passing riders.

Can I ride with a friend? You cannot start with a friend, but if you and your friend find each other along the way and want to ride together that is fine. Please do not occupy the entire lane for other riders if doing so.

Will there be first aid? Yes, there will be a first aid officer on site

Where do I know where the finish is? There will be a marshal at the top to indicate the finish

How do I turn after the finish? As this is an open road, DO NOT turn immediately after the finish continue over the summit and cross when it is safe to do so by checking the road is clear of both vehicles and other cyclists before turning.

Are there prizes? There will be prizes awarded randomly to participants.

Can I descend the same road back to the start? Yes, you can. But as this is a regular, public open road, be mindful of all cars and other road users. As there will be other riders continuing up the road for the race, do not at any stage cross the centre white line while descending


Prize sponsors:


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Online (via EntryBoss) 

$10 online via entry boss


First rider off at 10am with riders off at 20-30sec intervals following


Riders must either have a current Aus Cycling License or buy a day licence.


Or https://www.auscycling.org.au/membership/other/free-trial

Getting There


Results will be available here as soon as possible after the race