When: Saturday 3rd October 2020

What: Handicap road race

The Ray Appleby Oatlands classic is a coveted events on our racing calendar.

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Race Details:

Under 15s

Open Men  and Women (including u17s) A through to F Grade

Note: Riders younger than u/15s will not be permitted to sign on.

Entry is online only.  Minimum of 20 pre-registered riders for this race to proceed. 

Pre-registered riders will receive a full refund in the event that the race is cancelled.


Meeting for sign on at the TKO Bakery on High Street.

Race Briefing to be held opposite the Hotel  on the corner of High and Church Streets.

Race will start on Tunnack Road on the corner with Hasting Street.

Riders will head through Parattah

U15s will turn at the 10ks mark near Mt Seymour

Women and Men will head through Tunnock to the turn around point.

Finish will be back at the start location.

Distance: 47 kms (Women and Men)

Race Format: Handicap

Strava Route


Oatlands FAQs

What type of race is the Oatlands Ray Applebys Classic? A handicap race

Who is Ray Appleby?

What is a handicap? A handicap is a race where each rider is assigned a ‘grade’ by the club handicapper. The strongest advanced riders typically ride A grade, and the grading can go down to F grade depending on who is riding. The race starts with the lowest grade, going at time 0, with each grade starting after with varying time gaps (e.g. F grade at 0 time, E grade at +3minutes, D grade at + 7minutes etc). The gaps assigned to each grade will vary at each race depending on the course, conditions and who is racing on the day.

When do I find out about my handicap? The handicaps and times will typically be posted 1-2 days before the event online, and you will be notified via email and/or social media posts

Do I select my grade? You can have some input in your grading by speaking to the club handicapper and leaving a comment in your entry boss registration for the race. But overall, the club handicapper will place you in the grade they think suits your riding ability

What if I really don’t like my grade? You should chat to the club president and handicapper

What if I get dropped from my grade? There is still a chance to get back in the race, depending on where in the race you are dropped and the reason. Likely higher grades will be the next ones to come through, so you will have to try and tag onto the back of them as they ride past.

What if we catch another grade? Keep going! It is curtesy to call that you are riding through, so that other riders are aware of your presence and do not ride in the way. But overall, your group, or you will continue to ride and likely some riders from that grade will try to jump into your group

Can I draft in a handicap? Yes. Race kraft and being smart in tactics like drafting are skills that can be beneficial in a handicap.

How is a handicapped raced? The aim is the first to the finish. So you are aiming to prevent groups behind from catching yours, while also trying to catch up to who ever started off at time 0 (scratch). This means generally working together as a team within your grade and pulling rolling turns

Can I eat during a race? Yes, it’s important to fuel well in any race. You are not however permitted to feed from the side of the road, or from vehicles and littering is not permitted nor the throwing away of bidons.

Is it closed roads? No. The race has a road permit, but the road is still open to public traffic, with signage notifying of a bike race. Therefore the crossing of the center white line is not permitted at any stage

Is there first aid? Yes, all club organized events will have a registered first aid officer on site

What do I do in the event of an accident?

Where do I get my race number? Please collect your race number from sign on, we also like numbers to be returned after racing

Where is sign on? 89 High Street Oatlands

Can I sign up on the day? No. Due to COVID requirements entries are only permitted via entryboss.

What time does the race start? 12:30pm juniors. 1pm seniors/u17s

How long is the race? 47kms (seniors and u17s)

Can juniors race? Yes, we will have a u15 race category which will run before the seniors race over 10kms

Will there be coffee at the race? We would encourage the support of Oatlands businesses and cafes with the purchase of coffee

How do I get to the race? Some riders might choose to ride out to the event, but in most cases, driving out will be the most common form of transport. Car pooling is encouraged.

What is the cost? $20 seniors/$10 juniors

Where can I warm up? There are some great quite back streets in Oatlands that can be used, we otherwise recommend the use of trainers and roller set ups. The course can be used, but if riders are coming in for a finish i.e. juniors) we discourage being around that finish location. If riding on the side of the road racers are racing, the competitors take right of way over warm up riders.

Are there local toilets?

What if I miss the start? It is the responsibility of each racer to be aware of their start time. If you miss the start time, the only option will be to start with a grade higher than your allocated.


The map attached shows where rego is and where to park and where the short pre-race briefing will be held:

Oatlands Map – Town



Book Now


Online (via EntryBoss) 

$20 per rider (men , women , U17s)

$10 per rider for the U15s



Rego from 11.30 am


12:30 U/15s

1:00 Seniors (includes u/17s)



Riders must have a current Cycling Australia License.

Information is available here:




1 – 5th Overall

1st in Grade A – F

1st Unplaced Masters rider in Men’s race Masters 4 +


1st Female overall

1st Male overall


Getting There

From Hobart or North Tasmania take the Midlands High to Oatlands.

The exit from the Highway places you on High Street from both directions.

Rego, where you will be collect your number, will be in the driveway at Jenny’s House 89 Main Street Oatlands next door to the Old Midlands Hotel.


Results will be posted here as soon as possible after the event.