When: Saturday 7th November 2020

Where: Tolosa Park Glenorchy

What: Criterium.

2020 Tasmania State Criterium Championships



Racing for Junior, Open/Elite and Masters

Racing will be held at the Glenorchy Criterium Course in Tolosa Street Glenorchy. This is an 800 metre loop.

Competitors will complete circuits of the course for a set period depending on grade followed by a specific number of laps.



Road bike with working front and rear brakes (disc brakes are permitted) and plugged bar ends.

Riders must wear a helmet that meets Australian Standards at all times when riding at the event including before and after your race.

Gloves and sunglasses are recommended.

Junior cyclists (u/19s and below) are subject to gearing restrictions.

More information on junior cycling can be found here.


A current Cycling Australia license is required.

Discounted Cycling Australia membership is available for MTBA members.

More info at:


Cycling Australia – Tasmania -Licences – Explanation & pricing


State Criterium Championships FAQs

What is a criterium? A criterium is a race that is completed on a short closed circuit course over 800m-2kms and the race is completed over either a number of laps or a set time period. On the final lap, a bell or whistle will notify of the final lap, first over the line at the end of that lap will win. If the race is run on time, then the final whistle will indicate the last lap, regardless of how many laps are performed.

Is the state criterium run on time or laps? State Criterium is ran by time + set number of laps

What type of bike? A road worthy road bike is required, working front and rear brakes and plugged bar ends. Juniors are subject to gearing restrictions

Do I need a helmet or other safety equipment? An Australian approved standard helmet is required and race officials reserve the right to request to view standard stickers. Gloves and sunglasses are recommended to be worn but not enforced

Will the race be ran as a mass start or grades? The format of a state event is a mass start

Will males and females race together? Yes, race in grades

How will a female state champ be awarded? The highest placed female in the highest grade

What categories are there? U11/u13/u15/u17/u19s & Senior A-F grade.

Juniors in u11/13/15/17/19 will race only in their age group and will not be permitted to race in the seniors race.

How long will the race go for? u19s 30 mins + 3 laps U11 & u13 15min + 1 lap / u15 – 20 min + 3 laps / u17 – 25min + 3 laps / F – 20m + 3laps/ E – 25m + 3laps/ D – 30m + 3laps/ C – 35m + 3laps/ B – 40m + 3laps/ A – 45m + 3laps

Where is it? Tolosa Park, Glenorchy

Where can I park? There is available parking outside of the Tolosa bike complex in walking distance. There is also additional parking inside the park near the Music Bowl.

Will there be food available? There will not be food, but there will be a coffee van on site

When should I arrive? Please do not arrive more than 1hr before your race, that will allow time for registration, any organising and warm up

Where can I warm up? The course will be available between racing to ride on, but mostly it would be encouraged you use either local roads or bring along a trainer to warm up on. The use of roads will require normal awareness and safety of other road users.

Do you need a license? Yes, when you register online for race entry it will ask for your race membership. Day licenses are not available for a state championship

Do I have to be a member of the club to race? No

Are there prizes? Winners are awarded state championship medals

Are there toilets? Yes, there are toilets on site

What happens if there is an accident? St Johns Ambulance will be on site to assist should any incidents occur

What happens if I get a mechanical? You are required 1 lap out in the event of a mechanical. Wheel changes due to puncture or other altercations must be verified by the race director and must occur in the pit area.

What happens if I am lapped? You will be required to move off the course to allow the race to proceed

How do I know what lap it is? Coming through the start/finish line the number of laps will be shown for you to view

Do we use race numbers? Yes, race numbers will be provided by the club on the day and require returning

Can I eat and drink during a criterium? Yes, you are encouraged to hydrate and nutrition well when racing. However, safety must come first. Now littering, throwing away of bidons is acceptable and care not to drop items on the course while racing

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1000 – Park Opens – set up (track closed)
1030 – Rego Opens – track open for practice
1050 – Under 19s – 30 mins + 3 laps
1130 – Under 11 & 13 – 15 mins + 1 lap
1155 – Under 15 – 20 mins + 3 laps
1230 – Under 17s – 25 mins + 3 laps
1300 – 1330 – track open for practice
1330 – F – 20m + 3laps
1400 – E – 25m + 3laps
1435 – D – 30m + 3laps
1515 – C – 35m + 3laps
1600 – B – 40m + 3laps
1645 – A – 45m + 3laps


Overall State Champ for Elite Men highest place rider A grade race
Overall State Champ for Elite Women highest place rider in the highest grade
2nd and 3rd place for Women doesn’t need to be in the same race as the winner.
See explanation in the FAQs once available.
Elite Women will be given the opportunity to ride up in grades to be able to compete in races with other riders in the same category. Cycling Tasmania will contact you to discuss this once you have entered the race.
Juniors will compete in one race only in their 2020 aged category



$20 Seniors & Masters

$15 Juniors (all grades – under 11/13/15/17/19)




Contact our Adam Christopher, Race Director.

Getting There

Tolosa Park, Tolosa Street Glenorchy.

The Criterium Circuit is closed to vehicle traffic during the event so please park on Tolosa Street and enter through the gate next to the Mountain Bike Park entry.

Alternatively, enter Tolosa Park through the first gate and park near the play equipment and walk to the registration area.

It is requested that only race officials and organisers park in within the criterium circuit.


results will be available here as soon as possible after the event.