Dirt Devils MTB Club will again be hosting the All Schools State XC MTB Championships in 2019.

The races will be held in age groups with the length of the race increasing with age group. The length of the track will also be increased with each age group. The tracks chosen are relatively easy trails to ride, although trail riding experience is advised, students do not need racing experience. All female riders will ride in a separate race to encourage more female participation.

Avanti Plus will be on site to help with basic bike repairs. Labour is provided free, however if spares are required they will incur a charge so best to come with some spares or some cash.

First Aid will be provided on site by St John’s Ambulance.

There will be a coffee van on site so please support them.

Note that there are no other facilities onsite, riders/schools will need to bring their own food, water, chairs, shelter, etc. The closest shops are at the bottom of Tolosa St, about 2 km away. Toilets will be provided. We also expect schools / riders to remove their own rubbish. Thanks! ūüôā

Event Rules

This event has been made possible by the support of the Tasmanian Government.


The races are XCO (Cross Country Olympic) format and are a fixed number of laps, however if a rider is lapped they will finish a lap down (once the winning rider has finished other riders will not start another lap).
The older age groups will have a slightly longer and more difficult lap.
As per MTBA guidelines the age groups are calculated on the age of the rider on the 31st December 2019.


Entry is by Schools and Colleges. Riders names are entered on a spreadsheet (excel) and then emailed to adrian.cooper@stpatricks.tas.edu.au . Please contact Adrian if you are entering a team but have not yet been emailed the entry spreadsheet. Entries are due by 5pm Friday 3rd May.

Priority riders

Due to the number of riders on the course and the wide range of abilities each school is invited to nominate one ‚Äúpriority rider‚ÄĚ in each category. This rider will be placed on the front row at the start of their race. Priority riders will be nominated by highlighting in yellow on the entry spreadsheet.

Changes in riders

Once the riders are entered into the timing program as per the lists sent by 3rd May, changes become difficult. We cannot add riders after this date. If a rider is not present on race day then please let the timing team know. If there are substitute riders then please email to Adrian by Wednesday 8th May or let the timing team know at Rego. It is much easier for all if changes are kept to an absolute minimum.


To add to the atmosphere and to make it easier for the timekeepers and officials all competitors are required to ride in school coloured tops. Riders not in school colours will not have their points allocated to their school. As per MTBA guidelines, singlets are not permitted.


MTBA Regulations state that all riders must wear closed toe shoes and correctly fitted helmets. If you are unsure how to fit a helmet correctly, please check with staff on arrival. Bikes must have working brakes (front and rear) and bar plugs must be fitted. As mentioned earlier, singlets are not permitted while practicing or racing ‚Äď please bring a top that covers shoulders (sports t-shirt, etc.). Gloves and eye protection are strongly recommended.

Race Numbers

Race numbers will be allocated by the organisers and be ready for collection by schools at registration. It is the school coordinators responsibility to ensure that the numbers are placed on the correct riders’ bikes. Attach numbers with at least 2 cable ties, at the top, onto the handlebar. Numbers are to be returned at the end of the race, they are reused each year.

Scoring etc

The points awarded for placings will be according to the (now old) MTBA schedule below with the addition of all finishers being awarded 1 point (if more than 50 in the category)
There will be medals awarded for the first 3 riders from each category.
Pennants will be awarded the top school in each category.
Trophy awarded for the top school overall, points for all categories added together.

Entry fees

Entry fees need to be paid before the race via direct debit or should be brought to the race as a cheque.

School Conduct

Please speak to your riders about trail etiquette and sportsmanship, there will be riders of a wide range of abilities on the trail and we need an encouraging atmosphere. If there are any concerns of inappropriate behaviour on the track please report it to an official.
Littering will not be tolerated, please speak to your students about the requirement to not drop litter on the track and ensure that your area is clear of rubbish before leaving at the end of the day.

Schools National Champs

The Schools National Champs is an MTBA organised event being held on the Gold Coast from 2nd to 4th August. The winners of each category at the Tas All Schools will be offered an incentive to compete in the Nationals. The exact amount will depend on the the number of competitors who take up the offer but it will be no less then $300, thanks to Hobart Wheelers Dirt Devils, and Cycling Tasmania along with St Lukes Health. If 1st place is not able to go to the Nationals then 2nd and then 3rd place will be given the chance to accept the offer. For more info on the Nationals see https://www.mtba.org.au/schools2019/
I would encourage you to organise a team to attend this event if possible. I’m (Adrian) able to help you with this if required.


Entry is for Grade 7 and up only.

Categories are
Under 15
Under 17
Under 19
Males and Female categories of each age. Note that all female riders will race together in a seperate race.

Age is calculated based on your age at the end of 2019 as per MTBA guidelines.

Race Laps

All Schools Course 2019

Note that this is the same as what was planned for 2018 (until we had a massive rainstorm which damaged a lot of the trails).

The age groups have different lap distances with the older the age group the further up the climb they will go.


Adrian Cooper
Chris Jenkins


9:00      RACE REGO
9:45       RACE BRIEFING (U15 & U17)
10:00    U15M RACE (approx. 40 mins)
10:50    U17M RACE (approx. 50 mins)
11:30     RACE BRIEFING (U19 and All Females)
11:50     FEMALES RACE (all age categories)
12:40     U19M RACE (approx. 60 mins)
2:15       PRESENTATIONS (earlier if possible)


To Be Confirmed.
Expected $10-20.

Getting There

Drive to the end of Tolosa St, Glenorchy.
Enter through the gate and keep going up the road to the carpark on the right.


Full results can be found here: