All climbing or all Downhill? Why not both? XC mountain biking will have you covered. This series is XCO style which means laps around a defined loop course. It means plenty of folks to chat with while you race and guaranteed good times for all racers.

This is our final race of the series, and will take place at the same time as the final DH race for the series too. We have done this a few times, and it makes for a great event. XC Race will take place during DH practice and finish in time for XC riders to watch the DH final run.

Series Rules

Compete in at least 2 races in the series to be eligible for series prizes.

Series points will be allocated as follows (1-90, 2-70, 3-60, 4-50, 5-40, 6-35, 7-30, 8-25, 9-21, 10-17, 11-14, 12-11, 11-9, 12-6. If you fail to finish, you will score 5 points).

XCO Style race – complete a given number of laps.

Position to count towards season points.


Series categories consist of:

Open Men/Women (18+)
Masters 1/2 Men/Women (age 30-39)
Masters 3/4 Men/Women (40-49)
Masters 5+ Men/Women (50+)
Sport Men/Women
Expert Men/Women
Single Speed Men/Women
U13, U15, U17, U19 Men/Women

A note on sport: This group is for riders who are pretty new to the sport and want to give racing a go, but don’t feel fit enough to be on the trail for over an hour.
A note on expert: This is a group for riders who feel they are faster than sport, but not fit enough to compete with their age group. It will generally be around the same duration as Masters 1/2.

Age is calculated based on your age at the end of 2018 as per MTBA guidelines.

Prior to the main race there is a junior ride for children who are 10 years old or younger. This is non-competitive with an emphasis on fun and group participation. It runs for approximately 15-20 minutes.

Course follows:

Junior riders (and sport) will take some of the aqua coloured short cuts to reduce lap length and difficulty.

Book Now


Chris Jenkins


10:00 Rego opens
10:30 Kids Ride – 20min
11:00 Race
12:45 Race Over


$15 adults ($12 online),
$10 juniors ($8 online) and
$5 for under 11

MTBA racing licence required:
Day Race Licence $25
Annual Licence junior(u19) $95 , senior $130.

Getting There


Low numbers due to school holidays and Tasmanian weather, but the sun managed to hold on (mostly) during the race and the rain and wind managed to hold off (until half-way through presentations). Thanks to those who helped jump on and rescue medals, tables, and small children being blown away.
Thanks again to those who helped with track marking, and cleaning up afterwards. It makes life much easier for myself and Adam to be able to focus on other matters.
The overall results for today are:
Race 6 Glenorchy Results – v2

Individual Lap Times are:
Race 6 Glenorchy Laps – v2

Series points are:
Series Points Final

In summary
Female Masters 1/2
1 Helen Burford
Female Masters 3/4
1 Anna Johnston
Female Open
1 Edwina Hughes
2 Kym Child
Female Single Speed
1 Laurel Johnston
Male Masters 1/2
1 Tom George
2 Kyle Brown
Male Masters 3/4
1 Mark Johnston
2 Martin Stephenson
3 Chris Manton
Male Masters 5/6
1 Richard Walker
2 Darryl Smith
Male Open
1 Richard Wilkinson
2 Nick Morgan
3 Joe Quarmby
** Note that we had three riders all with the same number of points for second. This is resolved by looking at whoever had the highest number of high results. Nick Morgan was therefore second, Joe Quarmby third, and Michael Berry fourth.
Male Single Speed
1 Andrew Ling
2 Simon Young
Male Sport
1 Goonjoon Kim
Under 13
1 Oliver Johnston
2 Tommy Cuthbert
3 Tom Petty
Under 15 Male
1 Blair Manton
2 Alexander Kehl
Under 15 Female
1 Millie-Ava Stafford
Under 17 Male
1 Jake Cresswell
2 Solly Wilkinson
3 Joseph Bealey
Under 19 Male
1 Ben Kershaw
2 Ben Manton
3 Tom Cheeseman

Remember that to be eligible for a series prize you had to attend 2 races or more.

Thanks all, and here’s looking forwards to a great CX season!