Road cycling involves both team and individual events. Races may be held over a number of stages or as single days. Other events include time trials (both team and individual) and criteriums (a race of varying number of laps around a circuit of roads). Races vary in distance from a few kilometres for some criteriums, to individual stages of 250 km or more.


Road cycling primarily requires strength and endurance, although anaerobic capacity may be called upon in breakaways, hill climbing and all-out sprints to the line.


The Club holds Criterium racing with events being held on selected evenings and some weekends. Everyone is welcome, and we have a wide variety of categories, so you can start out and build up to the faster categories as your confidence and experience builds.


The majority of road races in the Hobart area are run by Southern Tasmanian Cycling Club, but as we’re friendly types and our Clubs Combine events these are open to members of Hobart Wheelers.

Many of our members will race in Open events on the Cycling Tasmania calendar which cater for seniors and juniors.

Several members of the club are professional cyclists and race all over the world.