Track cycling is raced on tracks called velodromes. These can be indoor or outdoor and are usually 250-500 metres in circumference. Track bikes are fixed gear bikes without brakes.


The track we use in Hobart is New Town Oval, which is an outdoor 440 metre track. In sprint events, athletes generally use large gears which take enormous amounts of power to get going! With fixed gears, cyclists are forced to continue to pedal, even when slowing down. Speeds of 40-60 km/hr are common in endurance track cycling events.

Track cycling involves a number of sprint and track endurance events. Both individual and team events exist.
These include pure sprint events such as the individual and team sprints; long sprints such as the 500 m and 1000 m time trials and the Kieren; middle distance events such as the individual and team pursuits; and endurance events such as the Madison, scratch, handicap and points races.


Popular in Tasmania are handicap events which are either 1000m or 2000m. In these races all the competitors start together with riders many riders getting a head start on the scratch riders who race the full distance.

These races have a long history and are part of the Christmas Carnival Series which has been running for over 100 years and includes the La Trobe and Burnie Wheel Races.


The Club welcomes new riders and has a number of track bikes available so that people new to track can have a go.


Many of the club members compete in Christmas Carnival Series and State and National Championships.

Track meets are held on a Monday night for training and club racing.

Starting Monday 19th October 2020

Season ends in Mid-January unless there is popular demand to extend the season.

6pm onwards Seniors and Juniors


$10 per night for Seniors

$5 per night for Juniors (that’s all riders in the Under 19s group and below)

We will have capped pricing see the details on EntryBoss.

$10 track bike hire (this needs to be arranged with the track co-ordinator see below)

We need to make some changes to comply with our COVID plan these changes from previous years are:  

  • Entry will be online only and will be completed through EntryBoss (link below). 
  • There will be no BBQ or drinks available for sale.
  • COVID19 precautions we will all be familiar with – social distancing will apply when not racing, not attending when not well and use of hand santiser.
  • When starting off the fence near the start line riders will be asked to start at the same spot on the fence for each race.  i.e. if the start order is Bill, Mary, Sue and Rodney they would line up in that order for the next time round.  The fence will be marked with coloured tape.  This doesn’t apply to handicaps & italian pursuits as you will not return to the same spot multiple times.

Here is a link to EntryBoss –

Riders must have a current Cycling Australia Race License.

Would you like more info?

Contact Wayne Freeman

Phone: 0407 281 408

Email track coordinator.